GA4 vs GA4 360: Quick Reference to Key Differences

GA4 is Google’s vision of the next generation of analytics emphasizing user unification across devices. By now you might have transitioned completely or at least started taking advantage of the functionalities & capabilities GA4 has to offer. Google has been continuously adding new features to both versions (Standard and Enterprise) of its brand-new product intending to focus on the cookieless and machine-learning-based future for small to enterprise-level organizations. 

As is the case between GA3 and GA3 360, certain enhanced features are only available in GA4 360. The enterprise version emphasizes flexibility and scalability to meet higher business needs. Some features are available in both versions for example, both enterprise and the standard versions provide a native data export to BigQuery however, GA4 360 unleashes the higher potential for feature usage.

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GA3 vs GA4 – Core Differences

Let’s talk about the key differences between the two versions of GA4.

Category Feature GA4 Standard GA4 360 Details
Data Collection Data Sampling 10 million 1 billion GA4 360 allows you to collect more data than its previous version with more flexibility, more custom dimensions, metrics, event parameters, etc. 
Data Freshness 4-8 hours  Less than 4 hours
Event parameters 25 100
Custom Dimensions 75 225
Custom Metrics 50 125
Conversions 30 50
Data Retention Max Duration 14 months 50 months
Available options 2,14  months 2,14,26,38 and 50 months
Google Signals Retention 14 months 26 months
Data Integration Conversions 30 50 From pushing audiences to Google Optimize for A/B testing or sending audiences to platforms like DV 360 for retargeting, both versions of GA4 offer integration and activation however, GA4 360 offers a significantly higher scale
Audiences 100 100
Data Sampling Unsampled Explorations Not Available Unsampled results up to 50B events per day per property
Service Level Agreements Data Collection Not Available 99.9% uptime The presence of SLAs is the key feature in GA4 360 as compared to GA4. SLAs are important to ensure both client and service providers are aligned on the nature and quality of service to be provided.  
Data Freshness  Not Available Less than 4 hours (98%)
Reporting Not Available 99% availability
Event Parameters Event Parameters 25 per event  100 per event 
Custom dimensions & metrics  Custom dimensions 50 event scope custom dimensions per property 

50 user-scoped custom dimensions per property


125 event scope custom dimensions per property 

100 user-scoped custom dimensions per property

Custom Metrics 50 event scope custom metrics per property 



125 event scope custom metrics per property 



Big Query Export Limit 1 million events/day Billions of  events/day  Since we are aware of the multiple benefits of the daily export of event-level data to Big Query, switching to a paid version will open numerous possibilities.
Explorations Reporting Limits 200 created per user per property

500 shared per property

200 created per user per property

1000 shared per property

CTA – GA4360 Pricing Calculator

Next, let’s look at brand-new features in GA4 360 that are not available in the standard version of GA4.

Feature GA4 Standard GA4 360 Details
Sub Properties Not Available Available Marketers and advertisers can now create sub-properties and also customize the settings. In some ways, It is a replacement for ‘Views’ in GA where the administrator can restrict reporting to specific sections of the website. 
Roll-Up Property Not Available Available  This is a 360-only feature in GA4 that can aggregate data across multiple properties. For example, your organization may have multiple properties for different regions. To get an enterprise-wide, global view of all regions into one integrated property,  you can utilize the roll-up feature.
Automatic Custom Tables Not Available Available These tables in the 360 version of GA4 will allow your data to aggregate less in ‘(other)’ due to high cardinality dimensions i.e. dimensions for which GA4 reports more than 500 unique events per day. 

Concluding Thoughts

Organizations that need to scale in terms of collecting and reporting on larger data, can target more audiences across GMP, or require large event data export to Big Query for advanced analysis will benefit a lot from GA4 360. It is fair to say that the advanced features of the GA4 enterprise version are compelling enough to upgrade to GA4 360 today. To summarize, this version of GA4 offers higher limits of Big Query to reporting granularities, improved speed for large volume reporting, and a lot more.

Did you hear the good news? GA4 360 pricing is now more flexible and affordable for all business sizes, offering a lower event count limit at the entry level. Check out how much would this cost for your traffic and take an instant decision to upgrade today.

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